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In case someone is about to get married…

This is Liv’s gorgeous wedding dress…

she was pregnant at the time.

By the way, I did not steal a private wedding pic or something, this was put on the internet by her husband Alex (the man with the most beautiful hair standing behind her 😉 ) – on the website of mastersound entertainment and all their bands.

~ Liv & Alex ~

~ Liv & Alex ~


Speaking of Liv Kristine – THE BOOTS!

Liv Boots

Image by Kai Joachim

Liv Kristine loves Corsets, too…

Unlike Simone, she prefers to combine them with dresses:

Liv Corsage

This one is absolutely gorgeous! Image by Katja Piolka!

Also, lately she seems to prefer them a bit fancier:

image by Katja Piolka

image by Me

image by Katja Piolka

image by Katja Piolka

Even Better: The Flame Corset of Simone

Amy sure likes her black leather corset – so do I !!